$3 Arduino? Possible! Holly Molly Chinese AVR clones are coming – meet LGT8F88A MAVR core processor



Yesteday I read interesting blog post at CNX-Soft blog about new Arduino clone which sells for $8, so far nothing new, you can’t beat Chinese in prices or post shipping rates.

What was really interesting for me though is that it uses Chinese AVR clone instead of ATMega32U4 or ATMega328.

The company behind this clone is called Logic Green and it uses MAVR (hahaha) processor core for these chips.

The features are humble 8K Flash, 1K RAM, 504B EEPROM, they say it works from 1.8 to 5.0V and supports up to 32Mhz clock which beats normal AVRs, but with the Chinese specs there is always catch, you can never believe them until you test as normal AVRs can be also overclocked to 50Mhz but it is not safe to use them at such frequencies and Atmel will never publish specs which are not throughly tested.

Reading the data on the…

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