Atmel powers Mirobot WiFi robotics kit

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Mirobot – created by Ben Pirt – is an Atmel-powered ( ATmega328 MCU ) DIY WiFi robotic kit designed to help children learn about technology and programming.

“It’s fun to build and easy to start programming it to draw shapes. The chassis is laser cut and snaps together quite easily. Mirobot is robust, but also quite simple. Kids can understand how it works and what it does,” Pirt explained in a recent Kickstarter post.

“There’s no slick plastic casing because I think children are more interested in things when they can see what’s going on inside. With Mirobot, the mechanisms are all easily visible – it’s designed to remove the mystery and help understanding.”

Aside from the ATmega328 MCU, key tech specs include:

  • WiFi module that also acts as an access point
  • Battery powered with AA batteries
  • Two stepper motors for control
  • Self-hosted javascript application to control Mirobot from a…

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